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First step....Schedule an Appointment

…call us to schedule a personal meeting.  There is no cost for this meeting.

Whether you decide on an Estate Sale by Internet Auction or want Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales to handle various items by Consignment…call us to schedule a personal consultation.  If you are not sure, we will discuss the options we have to offer, answer your questions, and offer our thoughts on which method might fit best with your needs/desires.  The decision, however, is always the Clients.

You will receive a quote and we will process with your help the necessary paperwork for your records and ours.  We feel it is of utmost importance that everyone has a fully-signed copy of the agreement.

You will tell us whether you want the pickup of sold items to be from the property or from our warehouse.  If from the property, blocked windows of time will be scheduled for after the Auction for Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales to have representatives on hand to meet with buyers, process invoice payments, and oversee the pickup of the purchases.

Scheduling of Photos, Cataloging of Items, & Previews

Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales will provide a digital catalog on our auction website that details your estate or consignment to buyers, collectors, and even other dealers.

Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales will photograph items being offered to be a part of our researched detail that is part of every item for sale.

Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales will offer preview time for the buyers to look at the items being offered if the items have been moved to our warehouse. 

The cataloged items for the sale of your estate or consignment may or may not be incorporated with other Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales client’s items depending on the size of the estate or whether we have other items that we feel will be beneficial to the Client’s items by incorporating them together.  This is done by all estate sale companies and sometimes they do not tell this to you, the Client; however, if the Company has items that we feel will draw more buyers to the sale of your items, they will be included and the Client normally benefits from higher auction prices.  We ask you, the Client, to trust our marketing skills and experience.

We are Ready to SELL!!

A catalog of your items will be advertised and available online for a period of up to 5 days of open bidding prior to sale closing. Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales will be publicly advertising via national & international networks of auction sites and other information media sites that are viewed and “targeted” by thousands of buyers – looking for that one item they must have, by dealers looking to replenish stock, by designers looking for a particular piece.  Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales will also be utilizing social media, proven email marketing channels, and national estate sale marketing channels.

On the scheduled auction day, items (lots) will begin to close at a preset date and time. As the online auction timer expires, that item will close for further bidding and is considered sold. 


Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales online auctions provide for a soft close.  This means that if a bid is received within say the last “2 minutes” of the stated close time of an item, the particular lot’s end time that has received a bid, will have its end time re-set by up to 3 minutes to allow all bidders to respond to the new price before the timer closes out the item.  This action will repeat continuously until there are no more bids within the “last 2 minutes”.

Sale Finalization for Payments & Pickups - Options

Closeouts at Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales warehouse after Sale: (preferred)

Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales representatives will meet all buyers after the auction closes.  Buyers usually are offered 2-3 days of posted pickup times during business hours.  This usually works much better for most Buyers as they can schedule the time that works best for them. 

Closeouts at SITE Sales:

Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales representatives will be onsite at the estate site after the auction closes to manage the payment / pickup process.  Winning bidders will settle payment and pickup their items at predetermined date & time window provided for their item.


After all payments have been received, processed, and deposited to Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales account,  a detailed summary, including sales made and items not-sold of the sale will be prepared.  This report along with a check will be mailed to the Client or the Client can pick up. The Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales settlement check and sales report will be available to Client within 7 to 14 days after the closing date of the sale.

Unsold Items from Auction:

Unsold items remaining from an Auction are discussed with the Client.  Client will have the option of: 
  • Picking up the remaining items
  • Running through one more auction – if auction staff feels there is a market
  • Donating

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