Estate Solutions

Estate liquidations or estate sales can often be overwhelming and time-consuming.  You need everything gone, you need certain items gone, you are moving and nothing is going with you; the house is being sold or you need it to sell quickly and need the items out “now”.  There are certainly a multitude of reasons; but whatever the reason, we can offer several options to get it done efficiently and provide successful results.
Estate Internet-Only Auction

Don’t want hundreds of people swarming on and through the property, handling everything, moving, misplacing or breaking things?   Want to keep peace with the neighbors and not have a continual flow of traffic in the neighborhood?   Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales offers two ways to handle your items:

  1. The estate can be picked up and brought to our warehouse for cataloging and pictures or
  2. We can come to the property to catalogue and take pictures of everything being offered for sale

For either scenario, after the items have been catalogued, pictures taken, and auction scheduled with pictures posted, we schedule a preview time for buyers before the auction.  This is very important step for buyers (who have already seen the pictures and know what they want) to be able to look at and inspect exactly what they are bidding on.  Not only does it encourage a higher bid price, but it also gives the bidder the opportunity to “spot” another item they just have to have.  The scheduled auction is held online through our website using sophisticated auction software.  After the auction, we meet the successful buyers at a pre-determined pickup time to coordinate delivery of sold items to the successful buyers. 

Combined is the idea of a normal estate sale and the excitement of an auction that usually results in quick, easy, and profitable sales.  And with this controlled method of preview, the multitude of “lookers” are weeded out in favor of those who want to buy what you have.
Estate Buy-Outs

Are you in a hurry; don’t want to be bothered with an estate sale or online auction, don’t have the time, have a garage or storage shed full of items you need gone, or just need quick cash? An Estate Buy-Out may suit your needs.  We would be happy to look at what you want to sell and, if your item(s) fall into our criteria, we will make you a fair offer.

We are interested in:  antique & vintage furniture and décor, collectables, jewelry, silver and silver-plated items, vintage toys, art pieces; if you are not sure about your item.... give us a call.  (817-708-2045)

You don’t have an estate but you do you have a few quality items you’d like to sell – we can do that for you also!  We have had experience selling an assortment of items that include:  antiques, quality vintage furniture, jewelry, sports equipment and memorabilia, and much more.  We have a multitude of markets available to us, plus our numerous contacts and advertising venues, and, we believe we can offer a viable avenue to get you the best offer/sale with less of a headache.
Call us for an appointment to discuss what you have – or – let us know when you are coming by our office and we will be there to meet with you.

Out-Right Purchase
We are always looking to add to our inventory, and this might be a good option for you.  We are always available to discuss what you have and if your item fits what we are looking for. 

We Promise….
To be truthful to you.  We will not tell you something that isn’t true to get you to become a customer.  You expect to make money too and if we think you can do better another way or with another company, we are going to tell you so.  Every estate or auction company is different, serves a different client base, and meets different markets. 
We also promise you that we are not perfect.  Even with years of experience in the antique & vintage marketplace, we don’t know it all; but if we don’t know the answer, we will find out everything we can to give you as much information as we can.
Blue Ribbon Vintage Sales is a blessing to us and we want to in turn be a blessing to those we are fortunate to meet and work with and for.